October 26, 2018

We're excited to announce some new upgrades and improvements we have made to our highly popular multivitamin - the Vital 4U® Vitamin. Let's be honest, a comprehensive multivitamin probably isn't the most exciting thing you talk about with your friends. Something you can get excited about though is that incredible feeling you get when you take a quality product that genuinely and positively impacts your daily life. That's the exact reason we care so much about what our product has to offer people just like you. People interested in improving their health to feel their very best every single day. 

Our Vital 4U® Vitamin is immensely popular all across the country and we are constantly working towards improving our products to deliver the most effective formulas possible for the folks that use our products.  Hey, we use them, too! 

Vital 4U Vitamin C Complex

  • C-Complex

What's New?

  • Now only 1 tablet instead of 2
  • Same great formula
  • Calcium removed because it's found in our Minerals
  • New tablet 25% smaller than the previous pill


We consolidated from 2 pills down to 1 pill while keeping the same great formula. In a vitamin pack this complete, that's a huge step forward! Not only is it now easier to take a full serving of our C Complex, but we've reduced the number of filler ingredients as well. A win-win in our books.

Vital 4U Vitamin Mineral Tablet


What's New?

  • Omitted Iron from our formula
  • Added Molybdenum
  • Added Vanadium


We have omitted Iron from our formula as some studies show that too much iron in your diet could potentially cause health issues in some consumers, mainly adult males.

Addition of Molybdenum:

  • Is an essential nutrient
  • Works in the body as a cofactor for important enzymes to break down proteins
  • Activates four essential enzymes (Sulfite oxidase, Aldehyde oxidase, Xanthine oxidase, and Mitochondrial amidoxime reducing component -mARC) that drive important chemical reactions in the body

Addition of Vanadium:

  • Used for treating prediabetes, diabetes, low blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart disease, tuberculosis, anemia, water retention (edema), and supports athletic performance*
  • Mimics insulin**

Vital 4U Vitamin Herbal Complex


What's New?

  • Removed St. John's Wort
  • Added Pomegranate extract
  • 25% smaller tablet


Our research indicated that the removal of St. John’s Wort was necessary. St. John's Wort is a stimulant botanical ingredient that has been related to some instances of anxiety, upset stomach, dry mouth, fatigue,and dizziness, although these occurrences are rare.

We've added Pomegranate extract because of the incredible properties it offers. Pomegranate extract is thought to be a powerful free radical fighter that supports lower blood pressure, fights arthritis, supports memory, works as an anti-inflammatory, fights prostate/breast cancer, treats erectile dysfunction, and can help fight bacterial and fungal infections. 

Vital 4U Vitamin A&D

  • VITAMIN B-12

What's New?

  • Added Vitamin D (From Cod Liver Oil)
  • Reduced the amount of Vitamin A from 500% D.V. to 200% D.V.


In our previous formula, we offered a whopping 500% Daily Value of Vitamin A. We wanted to reduce the total daily value amount to a more reasonable 200% and insert our new Vitamin D from cod liver oil. This reduced the overall size of the pill and gave us the opportunity to improve our ingredient profile by replacing the soy-based Lecithin with a similar benefit in the Vitamin D. This also allowed us to remove the Soy warning on our label to improve your overall feeling of safety with our product and reduce the potential for any allergic reactions from soy intolerant consumers.

Vital 4U Vitamin Phyto Greens


What's New?

  • 25% smaller tablet
  • Reduction in excipients 


Now with a 25% smaller tablet which makes our powerful digestive support product easier to swallow with fewer excipients in each tablet. 


If you think that you could use more beneficial nutrients to complement your daily diet, look no further than the Vital 4U® Vitamin. Don't just take our word for it. Read from the 100+ customer reviews and see what current users have to say about this amazing dietary supplement!  

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* Daily Value Not Established

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.