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Vital 4U® Vitamin - Premium Multi Vitamin

Look no further, you've found the only multivitamin you'll ever need! Our premium vitamin can replace up to 12 bottles of individual vitamin supplements with just one convenient pack. We use premium quality ingredients that support multiple body functions so you can feel your best every day.

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The Vital 4U® Vitamin is the most complete daily vitamin available today. This premium quality multi vitamin is a staple in providing essential nutrients that your body needs, regardless of your nutrition goals. Whether you are an active weight lifter, runner, or athlete or simply want to improve your overall well-being, this isabsolutely the vitamin pack for you. Read what other people are saying below about our Premium Vitamin pack that goes anywhere you go. Remember it's Vital 4U®
  • What's In Our Vitamin?
  • Supplement Facts
  • Directions
  • What's In the Vital 4U® Vitamin and How Can It Benefit Me?
    Each Serving Contains ( 9 Tablets / 2 Softgels )

    What makes the Vital 4U® Vitamins so great?
    The Vital 4U® Vitamin gives you great versatility with offerings like the Vitamin B Complex, Herbal Complex, Amino Acids and Enzymes, Power Complex, Minerals and much more. Within our comprehensive multi-vitamin, we use as many naturally occurring sources of vitamins that we possibly can so you can provide your body the level of quality it deserves. Our distinct formulas of essential ingredients offer you a wide scope of the specific ingredients your body needs to operate and perform at peak potential. The majority of our vitamin amounts meet their recommended daily values, so it won't compete with your daily diet - only complement it. While there are a few specific ingredients in each serving that contain more than 100% of your daily value, there is a scientific reason for this; not all ingredients absorb equally. To maximize effectiveness and to ensure you are getting all of the benefits of each ingredient - some of the harder to absorb ingredients have been increased to ensure optimal absorption. We encourage you to compare our vitamin levels to any other multi-vitamin on the market and see just how complete our daily vitamin pack really is.
    "Don't let the convenience store front fool you. This is a wonderful, life changing buy." - Brittany (Ormond Beach, Fl)
    We have built a 30+ year relationship with our ingredient suppliers which gives us a personal selection of the finest ingredients available today. Our suppliers have scoured the earth in search of the highest quality sources of vitamins, minerals, and herbs they can possibly find. We then hand-pick only the finest offerings to add to our comprehensive and premium blend that makes up our Vital 4U® Vitamin pack.
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • See The Difference
    Compare our ingredients and amounts to any other multi-vitamin available today. We guarantee you won't find a more complete formula or better value for your dollar. If you're ready to start taking your health more seriously, you owe it to yourself to start with the best!
  • Who Should Take The Vital4U® Vitamins?
  •            Great for Men and Women
    • Those desiring optimal health
    • People living active lives
    • Competitive Athletes
    • Weight Lifters/Bodybuilders 
    Directions For Use
    All 11 pills contained in our pillow pouch equals one full serving of our Vital 4U® Vitamin. Recommended to take one full serving daily with a meal and glass of water. You do not have to consume every pill all at once. It is OK to spread out your consumption of each pill over a short period of time. Use daily for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews

I like it I just need to reorder some more.


These vitamins have been game changers for me. I have taken them for over 8 years now. They help my body not feel tired or lethargic. As a women they also help me when my monthly cycle arrives. The exhaustion that I get is lessened when I make sure to take them. I have recommended these to my friends and family because that’s how great they are.

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your fantastic review and for being a loyal customer for over 8 years! We're thrilled to hear that our vitamins have been such game changers for you, offering you the energy boost you need and making a positive difference during your monthly cycles. Your experience is exactly what we strive for in creating our products.

It's heartening to know you've found our vitamins helpful enough to recommend them to your friends and family. We truly appreciate your support and are so glad to have you as part of our community.

Thank you once again for sharing your experience and for your trust in us.

Best regards,
The Team at Vital 4U

Jason f. (Virginia Beach, US)
The best

I used these for all on time when I was in college and army .after receiving from a doo surgery I saw an ad and I use to Asia in rebuilding myself and also I travel a lot these packs are super .i feel super alert ,energy and focused . This product has stood the test of time .the price is a little hefty being on a military disability and the cost of everything going up but it with the investment . 10 ⭐️ s.

Hello Jason,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review and for sharing your journey with us. It's inspiring to hear how our product has been a part of your life through college, the army, recovery, and travels. We're thrilled that you feel super alert, energized, and focused with our packs.

Your feedback about the product's lasting impact and value, despite the price concerns, truly means a lot to us. We're committed to providing high-quality products that justify the investment. Thank you for the 10 stars and for your service!

Best regards,
The Vital 4U Team

Jesse H. (Merrifield, US)
Good Vitamins

Bought a convenience pack several years ago and it made me feel better. I’ve been ordering the monthly supply ever since. Only knock on the product, according to my wife, is the use of articificial (?) coloring.

Thanks Jesse for your insights. We too have looked for an alternative to using the color in a couple of our pills. The thing is that unless we do it is hard to distinguish the different pills for our customers. This is an important fact as we have all the pills in one pack as opposed to a seperate bottle for each where you know just what is inside the bottle and so you dont confuse them. This is also the reason we include even in the 30 Tub a card with the colors and a picture of each of the pills to identify each for our customers. We make our pack for the conveniemce of going anywhere and having everything that you need in one package and that is why we use that in a couple pills. Thanks agin for your feedback as it helps us be the best we can!.

Kikey V. (Huntington Park, US)

Very effective vitamins , I’ve been able to perform better on my training days and has improved my overall health and immune system , will definitely continue ordering them, and very conveniently packed to grab & go !!!