Vital 4U® Fiber Drink Supplement Facts

What's in Vital 4U® Fiber Drink? 

5 Grams Soluble Prebiotic Fiber
Only 28 Calories
Sweetened with only 4 Grams Pure Cane Sugar
Natural Flavor and Color
Gluten Free
Prebiotics Versus Probiotics. What's The Difference?

PREbiotics, found in our Vital 4U® Fiber Drink are a specialized plant fiber that provides nourishment to the existing good bacteria living in your digestive tract. It’s like a superfood for the hard working bacteria in your gut! This takes away the guessing game of “will it work for me?” because you’re improving upon the probiotic bacteria that already exist in your system. Your body doesn’t digest these plant fibers, rather, it uses the prebiotic fibers as nourishment to promote the growth of these good digestive bacteria.

PRObiotics are live bacteria that exist mostly in diary products such as Yogurt. There are hundreds of types of probiotics which work differently for each person so each time you take a probiotic you’re taking a guess at which type will work best for you. Because probiotics are living, they must be kept alive in order to be effective. Factors such as heat and even stomach acids can easily kill these beneficial bacteria.