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Vital 4U® Fiber - Prebiotic Soluble Fiber Shot



Ready to change your life? The all-new Vital 4U® Fiber Drink naturally supports your digestive health by providing 5 grams of soluble prebiotic fiber per pouch, is gluten-free and only has 28 calories. Never mix your fiber again! Our unique pouch is always ready to drink anytime, anywhere you might be. We never use any artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors and our eco-friendly pouch is recyclable and uses far less materials than typical plastic containers.

PREbiotics, found in our Vital 4U® Fiber Drink are a specialized plant fiber that provides nourishment to the existing good bacteria living in your digestive tract. It’s like a superfood for the hard working bacteria in your gut! This takes away the guessing game of “will it work for me?” because you’re improving upon the probiotic bacteria that already exist in your system. Your body doesn’t digest these plant fibers, rather, it uses the prebiotic fibers as nourishment to promote the growth of these good digestive bacteria.


No Mixing
Hold, tear and drink
Great for
Prebiotics vs Probiotics