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Article: Full Chest Workout to Grow Faster

Full Chest Workout to Grow Faster
chest routine

Full Chest Workout to Grow Faster

Muscle growth in the pectoral region can be difficult for many including those with training experience, and a good chest workout routine may be needed. There are numerous reasons why your pecs just don’t seem to want to grow, but the usual suspects are:

  • Other major muscles are taking the action
  • Not enough calories are being consumed
  • Improper performance during chest exercises
  • Not enough chest exercise variations

Start growing your chest now! Follow this routine for a bigger chest and thank me later. 

Different Chest Exercises that Encourage Growth

Regular compound lifts that utilize the barbell with regular grip just doesn’t always cut. The reason why is a lot of people end up using their shoulder and triceps muscles more than their chest.

So the end result is a small chest with larger shoulders and arms unless you isolate your chest properly.

One method to get around this issue is by using dumbbells, which actually allow you to mutually isolate your pecs better than with a bar. The average person has one weaker arm than the other, so when pressing against a bar that dominant arm takes some of the load off the non-dominant arm. 

Dumbbell Hex Press

This variation of the dumbbell press is named after the shape your arms make when in the pressing position. These are great for both the incline and flat bench press.

The intention behind the hex press is to solely isolate your pecs and keep them under constant contraction.

[1] Grasp both dumbbells and lay back on the bench.
[2] Press dumbbells out from your body and over your chest placing dumbbells against each other.
[3] Place a bend in your elbows and allow the dumbbells to lower until both elbows bend around 45 degrees.
[4] Slowly lower the dumbbells toward the bottom of your chest and press back up.

Dumbbell Hex PressDumbbell Hex Press

Reverse Wide Grip Barbell Press

A Canadian study shows that your upper chest is used 30% greater when performing the bench press in a reverse grip. Whether your wish to believe the study or not, the fact is many of people develop solid strength and muscle mass by performing the bench press with their palms in a supinated position.

The execution may seem a bit awkward at first, but little shoulder use takes place and this means that reverse grip presses are good for people recovering with shoulder injuries.

[1] Lay back against the bench and place hands on the bar in the same process you would for normal benching.
[2] Take hands and rotate them to where your thumbs point away from body.
[3] Press up against the bar and press off to get ready for the pressing motion.
[4] Slowly lower the bar down until you reach your lower pecs.
[5] Press the bar back up squeezing your chest muscles and repeat.

Reverse Wide Grip Barbell PressReverse Wide Grip Barbell Press

Low Cable Chest Fly Or Standing Low Press

Continuing on with the isolation process, you should give low pulley fly’s a try as well. The best benefit from this exercise is sculpting the pec and helping the lower region of your chest.

This exercise is performed on the dual cable pulley machine, and you set the pulleys towards the bottom most setting they can be on. Handle used is the single grip handle.

[1] Grasp a handle in each hand and take a step forward to setup for the exercise. [2] With chest out, pull the cables forward and up simultaneously to fully contract the pecs. [3] You stop once the handles are parallel with your chest. [4] Slowly allow the handles to retract and repeat the exercise.

Performing the standing low press is similar where you grasp a dumbbell in your hand, and with elbow bent only rotate shoulder forward and back while squeezing pec muscle.

45 Degree Machine Chest Press45 Degree Machine Chest Press

45 Degree Machine Chest Press

The last exercise that’s not what you’d see every day is the 45 degree chest press. This is performed on the machine press machine, and is primarily used to isolate your pecs to develop that inner shaping.

Basically all of these exercises encourage chest growth and shaping them equally as well.

[1] Take a seat and make sure the handles of the machine are aligned with your mid chest line. [2] Turn towards either your left or right and align the edge of the seat with your belly button. This just made you in a 45 degree angle for pressing. [3] Grasp the handle of the side that you turned. [4] Press the handle forward keeping your shoulder against the pad and squeeze your pec. Perform 8-10 reps and switch sides.


 Full Chest Workout for Growth

Okay, so here’s a full workout for your pecs to grow and become isolated more efficiently. Remember, without proper calorie intake, recovery, and good execution the training program is useless.

Reverse Grip Flat Bench Press – x5 sets for x8 reps

Incline Dumbbell Hex Press – x3 sets for x10 reps

Low Cable Chest Fly – x3 sets for x10 reps

45 Degree Machine Press – x3 sets for x10 reps (each side)

Cable Triceps Pull Down (Forward Lean) – x3 sets for x10 reps


You Need Energy to Kickstart this Type of Workout


This type of chest isolation requires energy and focus for at least an hour. If you feel
your pre-workout meal just isn’t going to cut it then consider giving Screamin Energy Ultra a try. This energy supplement is in a convenient single serving pouch to take with you on the go. The caffeine, yohimbine hcl, and arginine within this pouch are sure to cause an awesome muscle pump.

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