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Maximum Strength

Screamin Energy® Max Hit®

Sale price$ 21.50 18mL per pack

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Our Best-Selling Formula
  • 185mg Caffeine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Loaded with B Vitamins
  • 9g Sugar / 40 Calories
  • With L-Taurine
  • Natural Coffee Mocha Flavor
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Screamin Energy Max Hit Coffee Mocha Flavor Box and Pouch 12 Ct
Screamin Energy® Max Hit® Sale price$ 21.50 18mL per pack


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Screamin Energy® Max Hit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 368 reviews

Great price and fast delivery! Highly recommended

Edward P. (Dallas, US)
For 20 years now, unquestionably the best!

I have been a loyal, continuous Vital4U customer for about 20 years now. The Screamin Energy Max Hit really does help me to wake up fast in the morning and the smooth energy I get lasts throughout the day. Taking one packet of Screamin Energy along with my vitamin supplements every day provides me with just the right amount of energy. Along with this energy, I experience a sense of well-being which through the years, has become a way of life. For the past 20 years or so, Vital4U products have proven themselves time and time again to be unquestionably of the finest quality and I highly-recommend all their products. Additionally, I am grateful for the generosity and professional courtesy demonstrated by the Vital4U staff. They have been totally awesome and have earned my respect. Thanks for being there for me and others through the years! :-)

Wow Edward you are makeing our review guy blush and making him earn his pay! We LOVE to hear from long time customers like you. You have given many people here a job for 20 years plus. We are are raising families and want to keep our jobs, so everyday we come to work with one intention, that is to make sure we deliver the highest quality products we can. As you know UNLIKE 90% of our competitors we actually make our products, in house, package our products, in house and ship our products so we can insure (unlike most of our competitors) that each and every package that goes out of here is PREMIUM QUALITY. I am sure you have noticed that we continually update our packages, counter displays and our information and now our new Website to stay up on trends and technology. We have also introduced our companion product to Max Hit, the new Sugar Free Screamin Energy for those who don't want sugar. The Vanilla Latte flavor is OUT OF THE PARK (thanks to our R&D guy). We were the first energy drink in 7 Eleven in 1987 and we have been with the top convenience store chains for over 35 years now. Our online store is a sign of the times and also offers repeat customers a way to receive additional value with Reward Points and product shipped straight from their place of birth. (LOL) Chris, Martin and Ramz are Customer Service people that really do care that you are happy and are here to make sure of that. Thanks again Edward for your trust in the Vital 4U brand and for spending your dollars on Screamin Energy.

Jennifer C. (Asheville, US)
Best energy out there!

I love the screening energy. I do NOT get the jitters or a crash later. I'm so glad I found this product. The only improvement that I would like would be different flavors in each one, instead of just one flavor but it's different for each product you have.

We appreciate you Jennifer and moving over to our Screamin Energy Max hit for your go to energy is great. Looking for a different flavor, move over to our Screamin Energy Sugar Free with our outstanding Vanilla Latte flavor. You can check out the reviews, People Are Loving The Flavor. Your freinds at Vital 4U!

Sarah L. (Lusby, US)
I absolutely love Vital 4u

I have been a loyal customer for 10 years. There was a point in my life when I was going through detox and when you go through detox you don't want to eat. I know it wasn't the healthiest but your product is what keep me going with nutrition. It's all I could keep down. I have tried the 5hour shots and they are absolutely gross and make my stomach hurt. I know alot of it is mind over matter but honestly I have gone out of my way to drive an extra hour to work to get your products. I know a cup of coffee would do the same thing but I still prefer your product over anything else. Thank you.

Wow Sarah you hit home with your review and I want to respond to many points. I too have been through addiction and detox and it was difficult and without getting some energy and a nice bump would have had a much more diffucult time. Along with the B Vitamins and Ginseng and the energy I got, it made going to work bearable. Thanks for your 5 hour comment and yes we do feel we care about our customers here at Vital 4U. We buy every material that is in Screamin Energy and we make the juice and we package the product all in house and so we know every step of the process before it gets to you is in our control. Not many energy shots can say that! Please do not drive anywhere in this day and age as you can buy from us online (safe and secure) and get Reward Points, Free Samples and the Freshest Product, as it comes straight from the people who make it, US! By the way a Cup Of Coffe is just not the same. Make sure to try our new Sugar Free Screamin Energy as I feel this is the best tasting Sugar Free product on the market as I don't like most sugar free products. Thanks for caring enough about Vital 4U to write a great review.

Bobbie H. (Arlington, US)

We enjoy your product being a little older it helps to get going

Hey Martin OLD is a state of mind. I am 70 and feel brighter and more alive than I ever, and you can't buy experience. Make sure you try our new Sugar Free that we included in you order as I know being 70 I have reduced my Sugar and was very happy that Vital 4U finally came out with a Sugar Free version of Screamin Energy. R&D has been working for 5 years on it and the Flavor is the BEST. Thanks for being a customer and for my job!