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Maximum Strength

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free

Discover our latest offering, perfect for health-conscious consumers like you! Screamin Energy® Sugar Free delivers the same fantastic energy boost you already love - now without the sugar.

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Product Description

Sugar Free Energy

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free is specially crafted for consumers that want a powerful energy boost, but with a healthier approach in mind. Our maximum strength formula is designed to provide a quick and sustained energy boost for those demanding days or an afternoon kick to help you finish the day strong. Our proven formula consists of carefully selected energy boosting ingredients like Ginseng, Caffeine, and B Vitamins, all packed into less than a fluid ounce per serving!



A low-calorie sweetener found naturally in many foods. It provides a sweet taste without the sugar and is diabetic-friendly.


Made with real coffee, our Colombian coffee beans are relatively mild and light with a chocolatey aftertaste. It’s the perfect early morning boost.


Believed to improve circulation, increase blood flow, increase stamina, combat fatigue, and strengthen the immune system.


Is a central nervous stimulant. Anhydrous caffeine is more effective in enhancing performance in athletes participating in exhaustive exercise.

 Screamin Energy® Sugar Free Details:

  • Only 25 Calories
  • High Grade Panax Ginseng
  • Approx. 185mg Caffeine
  • 0mg Sodium
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7 and B12
  • 0g Sugar
  • Made with Natural Flavors and Colors

Elevate your energy game with Screamin Energy® Sugar Free! It's your go-to for top-tier, sugar-free energy. Ready to enjoy anywhere you need it! Our compact and super convenient pouch is small but strong, and able to withstand up to 40 lbs of pressure. Make it your daily energy choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph I. (Albuquerque, US)

Great product

Thanks Joseph we could not agree with you more! All of our Teams Favorite product.

Shedrick H. (San Jose, US)
Awesome energy drink!

Very happy with new sugar-free screaming energy drink. So happy to have the same energy without the sugar. Also new great flavor. Would a recommend this to all my family and friends!

Shedrick you are a person after my own heart. I love the Sugar Free Screamin Energy and I think the flavor is the best we have ever created (just sad it took us 5 years). Having only been released less than a month ago it is fast becoming the favorite here at Vital 4U. When you get your next order remind us and we will send you some extra packs to give to your family and freinds on us and thanks for giving all of us a job here at Vital 4U!


The flavor is not to my liking but that may be due to having taken thousands of the regular Screaming Energy packets in the past. It actually tastes sweeter than the regular ones even though they’re sugar free. I won’t be buying them again.

Hi Adam. Thanks for the honest take on our new Screamin Energy® Sugar Free. We really appreciate your honesty and we are always looking to improve in all areas of our business. The great news is that you still love our original formula Max Hit and that's not going anywhere!

Patricia H. (Las Vegas, US)
Sugar free max hit

I swear by all your products but this is my favorite and i love the sugar free aspect. Thank you for finally making a sugar free product. I love Vital 4 U

Hi Patricia. We are so happy to hear that our entire product line is vital to you! We are so excited to hear that our new Screamin Energy® Sugar Free is your new favorite, wow! We are humbled by your comments as we are always working towards providing our customers with the best products and top-notch service. We have worked for many years on this product and it sounds like that effort paid off for you!

Thanks again for sharing your opinions with us and other Vital 4U customers. It is sincerely appreecaited.
The Team at Vital 4U

Hugo D.S. (San Bernardino, US)
screaming energy sugar free

I've been taking screaming energy for over 20 years,I can proudly say the best energy you can take,now with this new sugar free I'm happier,screaming energy to me its the best,compare to other products with so much sugar,in 2 words THE BEST

Thanks Hogo for the great review on not only Screamin Energy but also our new Screamin Energy Sugar Free. It has also become the favorite here at Vital 4U and trust me the people here drink alot of Screamin Energy. We all love the new flavor and told the research guys to keep up the good work and don't stop there.Thanks for being a user of Screamin Energy all these years and we all appreciate getting to work at a company that really does care about it;s customers!