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Original Strength

Liquid Energy® Ginseng Energy Drink

The original energy shot in America! We keep it simple yet effective with a coffee base, ginseng, B-vitamins, and caffeine to keep your mind sharp and body moving.

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Product Description

Original Strength Formula

Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink is our original strength formula and was created with hard working people in mind. Our distinct formula is a simple yet highly effective blend of Ginseng, Caffeine and B Vitamins all in just a ½ fluid ounce per serving. When you take Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink, you receive the full benefits of this amazing energy blend in an instant! Ready-to-Drink straight from the pouch with no refrigeration required. It’s compact and convenient packaging allows Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink to be carried with you wherever you go. Our signature foil pouch can take up to 40lbs of pressure while using far less materials than a plastic bottle or aluminum can so you can feel comfortable about the small environmental impact of Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink.



Each carefully crafted batch is made with real Colombian coffee, never any artificial flavors. Our Colombian coffee beans are relatively mild and light with a chocolatey aftertaste. There’s nothing like a great coffee in the morning to jump start your day.*


Also known as “True Ginseng”, our panax ginseng is of the highest quality available today. A highly regarded herbal remedy in Asia that many believe to improve circulation, increase blood flow, increase stamina, combat fatigue and strengthen the immune system. *


A staple of our energy formula is the pharmaceutical grade caffeine we put in every signature pouch. Caffeine anhydrous is a central nervous stimulant perfect for a fast acting energy boost you really notice. About 155mg per serving.*


B vitamins help convert food into fuel and play an important role in keeping our bodies functioning properly. B Vitamins are found in many healthy foods such as legumes, whole grains, bananas, potatoes and meats like turkey and tuna.

Why Use Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink?

Are you looking for a more effective energy boost that saves you money? That's exactly what you get with Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink. Whether you are planning a weeklong hiking excursion to Mount Whitney or simply need extra motivation to power through your workday (or night), this is the perfect product for you! Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink goes to work immediately and can keep you stimulated for hours, at a price that can’t be beat! We use only natural flavors and colors and never any artificial sweeteners that are potentially damaging to your health. Give Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink a try today!

"I use the coffee flavor pouch and it is excellent! It tastes good and provides me with that little extra boost I need when I'm starting to drag!" - Kim Shumway - Port St. Lucie, FL

"I think this is one of the best priced energy packets on the market. It tastes good and lasts a lot longer than other competing products." - Michael Young - Buena Park, CA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
Tammie H. (Los Angeles, US)
Customer for over 20 years

I have been taking liquid energy every day for over 20 years! Long before I started buying in bulk online, I used to buy 30 at a time from convenience stores. It’s a quick way to get me going in the morning. No jitters, rapid heart beat or crash. It gives me a smooth energy to help start my day. It’s convenient and way cheaper than Starbucks!

Mitzi A.
Best energy drink ever!

Taste Delicious & Really work, with no weird side effects. Just Great tasting smooth energy! Convenient packaging makes them so easy to carry with you & just rip the top off & drink. It's my must have to get through long nights at work.

Hey Mitzi,

What a fantastic shout-out! We're absolutely pumped that our product not only delights your taste buds but also gives you that smooth energy boost. Our pocket-friendly packaging was designed with on-the-go champs like you in mind. It sounds like our energy packs have become your trusty sidekick during those marathon work nights! We'll keep doing our part to make sure your nights are powered up with that great tasting energy.

Keep rockin' those long shifts,
The Vital 4U Crew

Samuel G. (Phoenix, US)
Does the tirck

I buy these for my wife, she likes the taste compared to the others and says it gives her the boost she needs

Hello Sam,

It's wonderful to hear that your wife enjoys the taste of our product and feels the energy boost she needs. We always strive to provide products that are both effective and pleasant to consume. Thank you for choosing Vital 4U and for sharing her experience. We're delighted to be a part of her daily routine!

Best regards,
The Vital 4U Team.

stephen t.
Great product

Great product

Jeff Q.
Outstanding products! I’ve been running

Outstanding products! I’ve been running consistently since October 1967 almost 56 years and your energy drink products are the best that I have used to date and I have used many supplements over the years. Thank you for your excellent service before and after the sale. Absolutely five star product and service!!! Thank You Vital 4U