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Article: What's New For 2017

What's New For 2017

What's New For 2017

Happy New Year #TeamVital4U!

We are coming off one of our best years ever in 2016! Thank you for the continued support that all of you amazing people have shown our brand over the last 3 decades (yes, it's been 30 years!). 

Vital 4U®'s 30th Anniversary

This year (2017) is our 30th year in business. It's hard to believe that we created our first ever product, Vital 4U® Liquid Energy® Ginseng Energy Drink that long ago! Time really does fly. We know that some of you have been with us since the beginning and that means so much to all of us here at Vital 4U®. You guys are the real MVPs!

What's New For 2017


We've added new features for you to earn even more VitalRewards points to maximize your savings throughout the year. Be sure to sign in through the Manage My Points widget on to earn your points! Once logged in, go to the Earn Points module on the lefthand side of the widget to complete these new tasks.*

New VitalRewards Points Features:

  • Add your birthday for 2,500 points every year on the big day. Happy Birthday!
  • Like us on Facebook for 2,500 points!
  • Like us on Instagram for 2,500 points!
Vital 4U® Text Message Line: (760)654-6337

Save 10% On Your First Text Order. What are you waiting for? Text us today!

So easy you may never order any other way ever again! Need to place an order? Have questions about a product? Need advice on what to wear to your cousin's wedding? We've got you covered! Be sure to program the Vital 4U® Text Line to your phone today!


Packaging Design Updates:

You may have already noticed that we have revised the design on most of our products during 2016. We are constantly working towards improving our products and with the new updates, all of our energy pouches now match with a common design theme. This makes it easier for our customers to recognize our brand and products in stores. Subscribe and Save:

Last year we added our full product line to with free 2-Day shipping for Prime members. This year, we've added extra savings for you with a Subscribe and Save option that nets you a 5% savings with the convenience of automatic re-orders. Don't you just love modern technology?

#TeamVital4U Athletes

We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with some amazing athletes for 2017! Keven Ramirez (Marathoner) and Mike Murray (Bodybuilder) are two very special individuals that embody everything we stand for here at Vital 4U®. Integrity, hard work, dedication, and inspiration are key for Keven and Mike as they work towards achieving new milestones as high performing athletes.

Make sure to follow both Keven and Mike for daily inspiration and to follow them along their journey as they train and prepare for events such as the Boston Marathon and IFBB Pro Bodybuilding competition.

Follow Keven Ramirez

Instagram @kevenramirez

Twitter @kevenramirez

Facebook Keven Ramirez Official

Follow Mike Murray

Instagram @mr_chasingainz

Snapchat mr_chasingainz

Facebook Mike Murray Official


Share your story with thousands of other Vital 4U® fans across the nation. 

We can't wait to see the amazing things you accomplish this year!

Get featured on our Home Page by using one of our Hashtags.


Vital 4U® on Snapchat! (username: itsvital4u)

Get a behind the scenes perspective from the #TeamVital4U and follow us on Snapchat!

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