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Original Strength

Liquid Energy® Ginseng Energy Drink

The original energy shot in America! We keep it simple but effective with a coffee base, ginseng, B vitamins, and caffeine to keep your mind sharp and body moving.

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Product Description

Original Strength Formula

Introducing the powerhouse of energy innovation: Vital 4U® Liquid Energy® burst onto the scene in 1987, revolutionizing the market when energy options were scarce. Pioneering the convenience store circuit, we provided what others couldn't - an energy boost that was accessible on the go. Teaming up with 7-Eleven propelled us forward, and since then, we've maintained our position at the forefront.

We were trailblazers, the first to blend taurine and caffeine, hitting shelves in America long before the influx of 8-ounce energy cans. But we didn't stop there. Ginseng joined our energizing concoction, setting Vital 4U® apart with its promise: no crash, just sustained vitality. Packed with essential B vitamins at optimal levels and a real kick of coffee flavor, Liquid Energy® became a sensation.



Each carefully crafted batch is made with real Colombian coffee, never any artificial flavors. Our Colombian coffee beans are relatively mild and light with a chocolatey aftertaste. There’s nothing like a great coffee in the morning to jump start your day.*


Also known as “True Ginseng”, our panax ginseng is of the highest quality available today. A highly regarded herbal remedy in Asia that many believe to improve circulation, increase blood flow, increase stamina, combat fatigue and strengthen the immune system. *


A staple of our energy formula is the pharmaceutical grade caffeine we put in every signature pouch. Caffeine anhydrous is a central nervous stimulant perfect for a fast acting energy boost you really notice. About 155mg per serving.*


B vitamins help convert food into fuel and play an important role in keeping our bodies functioning properly. B Vitamins are found in many healthy foods such as legumes, whole grains, bananas, potatoes and meats like turkey and tuna.

Why Use Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink?

With over 20 million units sold, we've carved out a niche in the health and energy domain, leading the charge with our delectable Ginseng Energy Drink. Unlike bulky 8 or 16-ounce alternatives, our half-ounce powerhouse delivers precisely what you need. Perfect for pilots, truckers, athletes, and anyone striving for peak performance every single day.

Experience it now and make it a lifelong essential. Vital 4U® Liquid Energy® - powering your best self, always.

"I use the coffee flavor pouch and it is excellent! It tastes good and provides me with that little extra boost I need when I'm starting to drag!" - Kim Shumway - Port St. Lucie, FL

"I think this is one of the best priced energy packets on the market. It tastes good and lasts a lot longer than other competing products." - Michael Young - Buena Park, CA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Nicholas g. (Chicago, US)
Wonderful way to get your ginseng

I’m really delighted with this product; the package; the ease w which to enjoy and the convenience of carrying it anywhere

Thanks Nicholas for the kind words. We created Liquid Energy at a time when there were no energy drinks and we had 1 purpose in mind and that was to make it convenient. We wanted energy but did not always have the time or place to get coffee or any other form of energy. With our new Liquid Energy drink we have doubled the Ginseng and reduced the sugar. Watch for our update coming in the next few months. Thanks for being a customer of ours, we appreciate having a chance to work at a great company like Vital 4U because of people like you.

Diane A. (Los Angeles, US)
Coffee flavor

I’ve been buying Vital 4U for years and love the coffee flavor best. Use it every morning to start my day.

Thanks Diane for drinking our Liquid Energy Ginsengt Drink! We have a great appreciation for giving us all a chance to work at a great company with people that really do care about you, the customer. We are currently finishing off the new packaging for Liquid Energy and great news we we have doubled the Ginseng in each package and are working to lower the sugar content as well. We have also increased all the Vitamin B's in our packge to 100% because we care about your health. Thanks again for your support, the team at Vital 4U.

FLOR C. (Los Angeles, US)

Liquid Energy® Ginseng Energy Drink

Thanks for your comments FLOR C. I wanted to let you know that in our new package id Liquid Energy we have DOUBLED the Ginseng in each package. That will be available very soon. Thanks again for your comments.

Earth J. (Duluth, US)
Amazing Product!

Ive been using this product for ovr 30 years. The taste is pleasant, easy to digest and quick results. I am able to get energized quickly and works thorughout the day. Doesnt make me jittery unlike some other products I have ventured to try in the past. A definte must try, you wont be disappointed!

Vincent M. (La Crescenta, US)
Smooth Energy

I am a Retired Deputy Sheriff. I have used this product daily, since the 1990's. It has given me clear alertness and smooth energy. I am 62 and take no other medications or supplements.