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Ultra Strength

Screamin Energy® ULTRA

Introducing the most powerful Screamin Energy® ever! Our Ultra formula will push you to new heights in the most demanding environments. Take your workout or your work day to the next level!
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Product Description

More Than Just Energy

With a bold blend of ingredients, Screamin Energy® ULTRA  is unlike anything you've ever tried in an energy shot. It is something far greater than just "energy". At it's core, Screamin Energy® ULTRA is a catalyst for physical activity and intense mental focus. Just one serving is all you need to turn an idle day into an industrious one. Perfect for that early morning gym session or a day packed with hard work or play, Screamin Energy® ULTRA is ready-to-drink with a rich, natural french roast caramel coffee flavor. If you're searching for a hard hitting and long lasting energy product with intense focus, this is definitely the product for you.*

What's In Screamin Energy® Ultra?

Best Uses for Screamin Energy® Ultra

In the Morning - Whether you're a "morning person" or not, you will begin feeling the effects of Screamin Energy® ULTRA within minutes and be on your way to a more productive day. Our natural french roast caramel coffee flavor is a great way to get your morning coffee fix without having to wait for the coffee maker or deal with a crowded coffee shop. Also, try adding Screamin Energy® ULTRA to a glass of milk for a delicious morning drink.*

Before the Gym - Slam down a Screamin Energy® ULTRA in just seconds and get ready for an intense workout. Be prepared to hit your workout harder than ever with ingredients like L-Arginine AKG 2:1, Yohimbine HCL, Caffeine, Sodium and Carbohydrates that work together to provide an unreal physical boost that will have you craving more. Those personal records are due for an update, don't you think?*

Sports Competition - Take your competitive edge to the next level both physically and mentally. Whether you're competing in a recreational sports league or play for a university or professional team you will be greatly satisfied with the extra intensity Screamin Energy® ULTRA affords you!* 

Outdoor Activities - Hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, swimming and more are all fantastic and fun activities many of us love. These activities also require a lot of effort and can get tiring fast. Screamin Energy® ULTRA will help make sure you've got enough in the tank to finish strong.*

Directions for Use

Suggested Use: Do not exceed two (2) servings in 24 hours.

For moderate results take only 1/2 pouch and discard. For intense energy take 1 full pouch.


Note: Contains Yohimbine HCL, do not exceed recommended serving. Over consumption may result in loss of sleep.

Warning: Use only as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing, using any prescription drug, taking a MAO inhibitor, or have a medical condition or disorder of the prostate, liver or kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression or any other psychiatric condition, consult your doctor before using this product. 

Screamin Energy® ULTRA is a dietary supplement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Clarissa N. (Colorado Springs, US)

Screamin Energy® ULTRA

michael p. (Rancho Cucamonga, US)
Been using this Ultra for years. month.

One pack in morning to wake me up.one pack in afternoon keeps me percolating.Just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I go through 4 boxes a month. But it works for me.

Hey Michael,

Thanks for sticking with our Ultra packs for years! It's great to hear they're keeping you energized from morning till afternoon. We appreciate your feedback on the cost—know that we're always working to balance quality and value.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community and for sharing your thoughts with us.

The Team at Vital 4U

Karla Z.
Runner & Lifter

Screaming Energy, "caramel coffee", by far my favorite flavor. It supports both my energy levels needed to push for those longer runs and heavier lift days! I love this product, so glad I saw it on another runner's account.

Hey Karla,

It's fantastic to hear that our Screamin Energy® Ultra Caramel Coffee has become your favorite flavor and that it's effectively fueling your long runs and heavy lifting sessions! We're thrilled to be a part of your fitness journey, providing the energy boost you need to push your limits.

Thank you for letting us know how our product helps you and that you discovered us through another runner's account. Your enthusiasm for what we do is greatly appreciated, and we're excited to continue supporting your active lifestyle.

Keep on running and lifting with Screamin Energy by your side!

Best regards,
The Team at Vital 4U

GRC (Dallas, US)
No Fooling

After my initial purchase/trial run went well, I decided to re-up & sprung for the 192 pack of “SCREAMIN ENERGY® ULTRA”.

Love it.

Can’t wait to try out “Screamin Energy® Sugar Free”

Well we are glad you are (not fooling). Thanks GRC for the great review on our Ultra Screamin Energy®. We feel that it has just the right ingredients to give you the energy you need without keeping you up when you want to get to sleep. If you read (above) one of the first reviews of our new Screamin Energy® Sugar Free I think you will agree that we knocked it out of the park with our new Sugar Free. If you want a free sample of the Sugar Free feel free to reach out and ask and we will get some to you, no charge. Thanks for being a good customer of Screamin Energy Ultra and we look forward to you trying out our new Screamin Energy® Sugar Free.

Mark B. (Omaha, US)
Works without the bloating

I love the fact that I don't have to drink an entire "energy drink" and it gives me more energy.......my go to

That's what we also heard from Pilots and people who can't stop what they are doing for a break. Thanks Mark B for your comments.