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Welcome to our testimonials page! Here, you'll discover an extensive collection of over 1,200 verified reviews from our customers. These reviews cover our products, services, and the overall Vital 4U experience.

We ensure transparency by using a third-party service to collect all feedback. This guarantees that the insights you read are directly from customers who have genuinely purchased and used our products.

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Based on 1443 reviews
Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Karen R. (Rohnert Park, US)
Great product!

Love your products! I just tried the sugar free energy packets for the first time. I don’t like the flavor quite as much as the pink coffee flavored one but they have the same great effects. Very helpful products for a great pick me up.

Wow Karen after 23 orders we will listen to what you have to say. Seems that you have ordered the Liquid Energy and Screamin Energy but this last order was all Sigar Free. We worked hard for the sugar free not to tsate like a sugar free product and with customers like you buying sugar free I think we may have done a good job. Thanks for your continued support with the Vital 4U family of products and we are happy that we could make our first new product in 8 years work for long time customers like you..

Build Your Own - 96 Pack
Shelia L. (Hammond, US)

Gave me the energy to get going. Being using vital 4U liquid energy for years. Awesome product.

Thanks Shelia we appreciate your kind words. Watch for our updated Liquid Energy Ginseng Drink in the next couple months with 2 times the Ginseng and 100% of B vitamins that we use in our Ginseng Drink. Thanks for your loyalty over the years, we love our jobs.

My husband loves these!

He takes them everyday and they have really helped him. Our house is definitely a vital 4u house!!

We love being a Vital 4U house. Thanks for buying our products and giving us a job. We are grateful everyday to get to make products for people like your husband Annette.

Build Your Own - 144 Pack
MJ P. (Riverside, US)
Screamin Energy/Maxhit

I've been using Screamin Energy MaxHit for over 25 years. The quality of the product and the personal service I've received puts Vital4U in a class all by itself, no one else comes close!

Ahhh your making us blush. Thanks for your regular business year after year, we appreciate our jobs.

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Gabriel O. (San Jose, US)
My new go-to!

Absolutely love the new flavor and the fact that it's sugar free is a bonus!

Thanks for the positive review of our new Screamin Energy Sugar Free. Our R&D guy has worked hard for 5 years and we too think he knocked it out of the park. Many of the Sugar Free products we tried tasted horrible and we told the R&D guy his had to be special and from the sales of Sugar Free you all seem to agree. Thanks Gabriel for using the Vital 4U products and giving all a job at a great company. Cheers

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Victoria A. (Placerville, US)
Wow! Great taste

You can't even tell this is sugar free. Ive been using screaming energy products for 25 years, and this is a homerun! With a smooth, clean energy that lasts all day.. and no calories. Fantastic!

Thanks Victoria for the great review. Our R&D guy worked very hard to give us a non sugar free tasting sugar free product. Many of us at Vital 4U do not like the taste of most of the sugar free products on the market. He has been working for over 5 years now on trying to bring to market a good tasting sugar free Screamin Energy and now hit it. Finally he got it right and most of us at Vital 4U love the new sugar free Screamin Energy. We much appreciatte the great review and are happy you enjoy our new product. Thanks for giving us all a job at a great place to work, Vital 4U.

Screamin Energy® Ultra
KAREN K. (Sarasota, US)
Overall Review & Suggestions

The Screamin Energy Ultra (black) works much better for me than the red. But the taste is awful and for the breath. A minty flavor would be refreshing. Please sell the packages with the same number of packets as the days of your auto-ship and I might consider it. Such as 15 packets for 15 days. And throw in a spare. I love it when I receive promo samples. I didn't see a picture or further description of what the bag is or looks like compared to the box to receive the product in.

Hi Karen,

Thank you for all of your feedback! I want to address each of these points with you.

1. Flavor - Noted and we have already been in discussion and have plans to begin R&D on a new, additional flavor for Screamin Energy® Ultra
2. Auto Ship - By default, our website offers 15, 30, 45, etc. day intervals. However, you have the ability in 'Manage My Subscriptions' in your customer account to adjust the delivery time frame to any interval you would like such as 96 days for a 96 pack if you so choose.
3. Samples - We love to sample our other items with every order! If you would like an extra of the product you have purchased, you can add that in 'Customer Notes' in your cart!
4. Bag (Basic) Pictures - When you select 'Basic Packaging' or 'Premium Packaging' on our product page, the image will change to reflect the packaging selected! The basic packaging was introduced to help our customers reduce waste and save on shipping as the box required to ship this configuration is nearly half the size which is much more economical.

Overall, we are incredibly grateful for your business and for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback! We listen to our customers and always work on improving our system to meet everyone's needs as best we can.

Thanks again!
The Team at Vital 4U

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Bruce H. (Denver, US)

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free

So good that's all you need to say! 5 stars.....

Screamin Energy® Max Hit®
Edward P. (Dallas, US)
For 20 years now, unquestionably the best!

I have been a loyal, continuous Vital4U customer for about 20 years now. The Screamin Energy Max Hit really does help me to wake up fast in the morning and the smooth energy I get lasts throughout the day. Taking one packet of Screamin Energy along with my vitamin supplements every day provides me with just the right amount of energy. Along with this energy, I experience a sense of well-being which through the years, has become a way of life. For the past 20 years or so, Vital4U products have proven themselves time and time again to be unquestionably of the finest quality and I highly-recommend all their products. Additionally, I am grateful for the generosity and professional courtesy demonstrated by the Vital4U staff. They have been totally awesome and have earned my respect. Thanks for being there for me and others through the years! :-)

Wow Edward you are makeing our review guy blush and making him earn his pay! We LOVE to hear from long time customers like you. You have given many people here a job for 20 years plus. We are are raising families and want to keep our jobs, so everyday we come to work with one intention, that is to make sure we deliver the highest quality products we can. As you know UNLIKE 90% of our competitors we actually make our products, in house, package our products, in house and ship our products so we can insure (unlike most of our competitors) that each and every package that goes out of here is PREMIUM QUALITY. I am sure you have noticed that we continually update our packages, counter displays and our information and now our new Website to stay up on trends and technology. We have also introduced our companion product to Max Hit, the new Sugar Free Screamin Energy for those who don't want sugar. The Vanilla Latte flavor is OUT OF THE PARK (thanks to our R&D guy). We were the first energy drink in 7 Eleven in 1987 and we have been with the top convenience store chains for over 35 years now. Our online store is a sign of the times and also offers repeat customers a way to receive additional value with Reward Points and product shipped straight from their place of birth. (LOL) Chris, Martin and Ramz are Customer Service people that really do care that you are happy and are here to make sure of that. Thanks again Edward for your trust in the Vital 4U brand and for spending your dollars on Screamin Energy.

Screamin Energy® Ultra
kathy m. (Salisbury, US)
not for me

i experienced low blood sugar and no real energy. that doesn't mean it'll be like that for anyone else. i like these products, you'll have to try and determined if they're for you

Hello Kathy and thanks for the review. We see that is the first time you have ordered the Screamin Energy Ultra. We appreciate you trying our our different products and of course we do send samples of items you do not order when you place an order. If you would like, we will be glad to swap out any product with a product of your choice of comperable price. Simply ask us to give you an RMA number and then return to us. Tell us what you want and we will send back to you. Thanks for your purchase of the Vital 4U products. Just a follow up Kathy to let you know we are here to help with your buying decisions.

Screamin Energy® Ultra
Tricia B. (Bountiful, US)
Keeps me going without bad effects

This product I highly recommend
No headaches no jitters no overall bad effects. Two keep me up all day so be careful how much you drink But it’s affects are fast log lasting

Thanks Tricia for the great review. We have several body builders at Vital 4U and they too love the Screamin Energy Ultra product. We worked hard to create a product that does not give you the jitters or shakes. So many of the workout prodcts do. We have also along with developing our new Screamin Energy Sugar Free been working to lower the sugar content of Ultra and improve the flavor profile. Thanks for using our Screamin Energy® Ultra!

Vital 4U® Vitamin - Premium Multi Vitamin
Antonio R. (San Leandro, US)

I tried this product long time ago and I was feeling healthier and in good health and I stopped taking and I was feeling tire and exhausted and now I'm back with VITAL4U FEELING BETTER AGAIN.


It's wonderful to hear how much our Vital 4U® Vitamin - Premium Multi Vitamin has positively impacted your health and energy! We're so glad you decided to come back to us, and it's fantastic to know you're feeling better once again. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your health journey. We're here for you every step of the way.

Best regards,
The Team at Vital 4U

Build Your Own - 144 Pack
Jeff Q. (Dallas, US)
10 Stars

First of all I want to thank Martin who packs everything perfect and always adds a surprise!!! On the new sugar free vital 4 u WOW the product is fantastic but your model is better than anyone else’s in the world! She ‘s beyond beautiful (you probably wouldn’t have to even put your outstanding product in the package to sell)! Thank you very much as always. Your products inspire me to work out and take on the day !!!

First Jeff I want to say that Martin is a great guy but also keeps us all guessing everyday about what he will add to an order. Now you touch on quite a subject here at Vital 4U with your MODEL comment. You see as the graphics were being developed in 2023 there were many mockups brought to the TEAM and to be honest there were many dicenting voices heard on putting a Female on the package. As you well know the BEST and BRIGHTEST minds won over here at Vital 4U and we agree that we love the Sugar Free model and that maybe it is the strongest graphic yet. At least the guy in production didn't loose site of his focus and delivered the Best Tasting drink in our product line. Most of us have worked here for 20 years plus and we make a great product but every single person is truly focused on making the highest grade energy product on the market and we are glad you agree. We do it all at one place in Palm Springs but without your support it means nothing. So thanks for your continued loyalty to the Vital 4U brand and the people that come here everyday to give you our very best.

Screamin Energy® Max Hit®
Jennifer C. (Asheville, US)
Best energy out there!

I love the screening energy. I do NOT get the jitters or a crash later. I'm so glad I found this product. The only improvement that I would like would be different flavors in each one, instead of just one flavor but it's different for each product you have.

We appreciate you Jennifer and moving over to our Screamin Energy Max hit for your go to energy is great. Looking for a different flavor, move over to our Screamin Energy Sugar Free with our outstanding Vanilla Latte flavor. You can check out the reviews, People Are Loving The Flavor. Your freinds at Vital 4U!

Liquid Energy® Ginseng Energy Drink
Anonymous (Salt Lake City, US)
25yrs a customer says it all

25 yrs and counting we love Vital4u and you should 2!

Hey Rolf. We appreciate your long-time support and use of our Liquid Energy® Ginseng Drink! 25 years is a long time to use any product and we feel humbled and honored that ours is that product for you! Here's to the next 25...

Cheers! The Team at Vital 4U.

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Boss L. (Hartsfield, US)
Pretty good

They work great but the have that diet soda after taste

Thank you for trying our new Screamin Energy® Sugar Free and sharing your thoughts! We're glad to hear that the product works great for you. We chose Allulose as our primary sweetener because it's naturally derived and we believe it enhances the flavor better than other sugar-free alternatives. We appreciate your feedback on the aftertaste and will take it into consideration as we continue to improve our formulas. Thanks again for your valuable input—it helps us serve you better!

Screamin Energy® Ultra
Clarissa N. (Colorado Springs, US)

Screamin Energy® ULTRA

Hey Clarissa, we would have loved to hear why you like our ULTRA! Thanks for choosing us as your go to.

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Joseph I. (Albuquerque, US)

Great product

Thanks Joseph we could not agree with you more! All of our Teams Favorite product.

Screamin Energy® Max Hit®
Sarah L. (Lusby, US)
I absolutely love Vital 4u

I have been a loyal customer for 10 years. There was a point in my life when I was going through detox and when you go through detox you don't want to eat. I know it wasn't the healthiest but your product is what keep me going with nutrition. It's all I could keep down. I have tried the 5hour shots and they are absolutely gross and make my stomach hurt. I know alot of it is mind over matter but honestly I have gone out of my way to drive an extra hour to work to get your products. I know a cup of coffee would do the same thing but I still prefer your product over anything else. Thank you.

Wow Sarah you hit home with your review and I want to respond to many points. I too have been through addiction and detox and it was difficult and without getting some energy and a nice bump would have had a much more diffucult time. Along with the B Vitamins and Ginseng and the energy I got, it made going to work bearable. Thanks for your 5 hour comment and yes we do feel we care about our customers here at Vital 4U. We buy every material that is in Screamin Energy and we make the juice and we package the product all in house and so we know every step of the process before it gets to you is in our control. Not many energy shots can say that! Please do not drive anywhere in this day and age as you can buy from us online (safe and secure) and get Reward Points, Free Samples and the Freshest Product, as it comes straight from the people who make it, US! By the way a Cup Of Coffe is just not the same. Make sure to try our new Sugar Free Screamin Energy as I feel this is the best tasting Sugar Free product on the market as I don't like most sugar free products. Thanks for caring enough about Vital 4U to write a great review.

Screamin Energy® Sugar Free
Shedrick H. (San Jose, US)
Awesome energy drink!

Very happy with new sugar-free screaming energy drink. So happy to have the same energy without the sugar. Also new great flavor. Would a recommend this to all my family and friends!

Shedrick you are a person after my own heart. I love the Sugar Free Screamin Energy and I think the flavor is the best we have ever created (just sad it took us 5 years). Having only been released less than a month ago it is fast becoming the favorite here at Vital 4U. When you get your next order remind us and we will send you some extra packs to give to your family and freinds on us and thanks for giving all of us a job here at Vital 4U!

I like it I just need to reorder some more.

Screamin Energy® Max Hit®
Bobbie H. (Arlington, US)

We enjoy your product being a little older it helps to get going

Hey Martin OLD is a state of mind. I am 70 and feel brighter and more alive than I ever, and you can't buy experience. Make sure you try our new Sugar Free that we included in you order as I know being 70 I have reduced my Sugar and was very happy that Vital 4U finally came out with a Sugar Free version of Screamin Energy. R&D has been working for 5 years on it and the Flavor is the BEST. Thanks for being a customer and for my job!


The screaming energy max hit is a great pick me up. It's great for working out or just getting through daily activities. The packaging is very portable. It taste great straight out the package or mixed with coffee.

Frazier I use to watch your TV show. Ah just kidding, but we are not kidding you that we appreciate you as a customer and are grateful to have a job here at Vital 4U. Make sure you try the FREE sample of our new Sugar Free that will be included in your order. The guys in R&D knocked this ball out of the park. Now if only the Didgers could do the same thing!

Screamin Energy® Max Hit®
Kathryne E. (Madison, US)
Great pick me up!

I have used this product for years! Especially when I'm traveling and I don't get enough quality sleep. I'd rather drink 1 packet of Screamin Energy instead of drinking several cups of coffee...sugar and cream....NOOOOOO! Screamin Energy to the rescue!

Sugar and Cream (NOOOOOO) we agree. Thanks for the kind words, we do appreciate it. Make sure you try our new Screamin Energy Sugar Free as a sample will come with your order. We got rid of the Sugar and our guys in R&D knocked the flavor OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Liquid Energy® Ginseng Energy Drink
Nicholas g. (Chicago, US)
Wonderful way to get your ginseng

I’m really delighted with this product; the package; the ease w which to enjoy and the convenience of carrying it anywhere

Thanks Nicholas for the kind words. We created Liquid Energy at a time when there were no energy drinks and we had 1 purpose in mind and that was to make it convenient. We wanted energy but did not always have the time or place to get coffee or any other form of energy. With our new Liquid Energy drink we have doubled the Ginseng and reduced the sugar. Watch for our update coming in the next few months. Thanks for being a customer of ours, we appreciate having a chance to work at a great company like Vital 4U because of people like you.