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Build Your Own - 144 Pack

All new custom product builder! 🤩 Mix and match any combination that you like. 

Please select 12 x 12 Packs in order to add to your cart. Please Note: If your order contains less than 12 x 12 Packs, the order will be canceled. 


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Flavor Price Qty
SE Max Hit $ 12.50 - +
SE Ultra $ 15.50 - +
LE Coffee $ 12.50 - +
LE Cherry $ 12.50 - +
SE Sugar Free $ 12.50 - +
Total Qty $ 0.00 0
Flavor Price Qty
SE Max Hit $ 12.00 - +
SE Ultra $ 15.00 - +
LE Coffee $ 12.00 - +
LE Cherry $ 12.00 - +
SE Sugar Free $ 12.00 - +
Total Qty 0 0
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Build Your Own - 144 Pack
Build Your Own - 144 Pack Sale price$ 12.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
MJ P. (Riverside, US)
Screamin Energy/Maxhit

I've been using Screamin Energy MaxHit for over 25 years. The quality of the product and the personal service I've received puts Vital4U in a class all by itself, no one else comes close!

Ahhh your making us blush. Thanks for your regular business year after year, we appreciate our jobs.

Jeff Q. (Dallas, US)
10 Stars

First of all I want to thank Martin who packs everything perfect and always adds a surprise!!! On the new sugar free vital 4 u WOW the product is fantastic but your model is better than anyone else’s in the world! She ‘s beyond beautiful (you probably wouldn’t have to even put your outstanding product in the package to sell)! Thank you very much as always. Your products inspire me to work out and take on the day !!!

First Jeff I want to say that Martin is a great guy but also keeps us all guessing everyday about what he will add to an order. Now you touch on quite a subject here at Vital 4U with your MODEL comment. You see as the graphics were being developed in 2023 there were many mockups brought to the TEAM and to be honest there were many dicenting voices heard on putting a Female on the package. As you well know the BEST and BRIGHTEST minds won over here at Vital 4U and we agree that we love the Sugar Free model and that maybe it is the strongest graphic yet. At least the guy in production didn't loose site of his focus and delivered the Best Tasting drink in our product line. Most of us have worked here for 20 years plus and we make a great product but every single person is truly focused on making the highest grade energy product on the market and we are glad you agree. We do it all at one place in Palm Springs but without your support it means nothing. So thanks for your continued loyalty to the Vital 4U brand and the people that come here everyday to give you our very best.

glen p. (Salem, US)

love them been buying it for 20years

Thanks for being a customer for 20 years years and thanks for my job here at Vital 4U®. I have worked here for 30 years. We work hard to make the highest quality products we can and to give you a great value when you spend your hard earned money. We know you have a lot of choices in the marketplace and we we feel privileged that you choose Screamin Energy® Max Hit. Make sure you try our new Screamin Energy® Sugar Free with your next order. We will include that for free or you can reach out to us and we will send you a free 12 pack if you choose. Thanks g.p.

Eileen R. (Irvine, US)
Awesome boost of energy! Perfect amount each time!

I really love this product because it gives me the right amount of energy that I need to get through my day. I love that it slowly tapers off in my body and doesn't cause a rapid decline of energy/motivation. I use this to fuel my morning shifts at work instead of higher calorie cups of coffee (I’m a 12-hour shift inpatient nurse) and it has worked for me very well. I enjoy also taking packets along with me on vacations, to help fuel my high-activity and adventurous days! It’s the perfect travel size.

Hello Eileen,

It's fantastic to hear that our product provides the perfect energy boost for your demanding 12-hour nursing shifts and keeps you going on your active vacations too! We're proud to support your incredible work and adventurous spirit with our conveniently sized packs.

Thank you for sharing your experience and for making us a part of your daily routine!

Warm wishes,
The Vital 4U Team

Juan R.

Awesome products, great taste and energy boost!!